Custom Windows
How to get your own custom art.
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You can work directly with Michelle and Bill to create a custom piece to your specific needs. We do numerous custom window panels (installed or hanging), cabinet inserts, sun catchers and personal art. Get a piece designed to your personal tastes, room décor, and the colors, textures, and imagery that will share the space with your art.

This is a sample of our custom projects. Included are commissioned and non-commissioned pieces. If there is not a piece in our catalog that meets your needs, use the contact us page to discuss your ideas and availability.

Custom glass art prices vary widely but can be contained. There are many price factors that come in to play for any project; including the size of the piece, the complexity and intricacy of the design, the type of glass selected, dimensional aspects, and the installation technique that will be used. Michelle and Bill will work closely with you to design a piece that will fit your budget.